Hand holding soap shaped like an apple dumpling.

Celebrating National Apple Dumpling Day with some sweet-scented soaps.

I’ll hand it to the United States, who may have come up with a particularly cheery sounding celebration: National Apple Dumpling Day. Although this event is mentioned in various places across the internet, I can’t find out much about it other than the date, 17 September. I’ve been digging around to find out more about the history, but haven’t turned over much. If anyone out there has a little more info, I’d be keen to hear it!

Whether the day is broadly celebrated or not, it’s a good opportunity to get stuck into some apple dumplings. At the moment I’m sick as a dog, so I won’t be making any myself. Instead I’m going to kick back and take a nice long soak in the bath with some adorable apple dumpling soaps! Postage of these gems to Australia is unfortunately a little hefty, so it’s taken me a little while to get around to putting in my order. But what a way to indulge, with sweet-smelling, vegan spa treats.


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