Little biscuit that looks like a pudding.This is one of the easiest recipes ever. Actually, I’m not even sure you can all it a recipe. It’s more like a little embellishment … like when you say you made these yourself! It takes 10 minutes from opening the packets to finish. Merry Christmas!


  • 80 g white chocolate melts
  • 12 dark chocolate Royals biscuits
  • 12 Jaffas
  • 3 spearmint leaves


  1. Cut each of the spearmint leaves into four smaller leaves.
  2. Place the white chocolate melts into a microwave-proof bowl. Microwave on medium, stirring every 30 seconds until fully melted.
  3. Pour the melted chocolate into a small plastic bag. Cut off one corner of the bag. Use the bag to pipe white chocolate on the biscuits. It should drip as if it were custard.
  4. Pop a Jaffa and a small spearmint leaf on top of the white chocolate on each biscuit.

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  1. Sounds like an easy and tasty last-minute Christmas treat. They’re so cute too!

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