In the not too distant past, the people of Canberra enjoyed a long weekend. Dan and I skipped town and drove to Melbourne for dumpling adventures.

Shanghai Street

Dumpling and chives

A golden Shanghai Street dumpling.

This is THE place recommended to me by Dan’s family. James is in there once a week for a fix of xiao long bao. He’s not the only one. There was a cue out the door and onto the street, even on the drizzly cold night we dragged ourselves out for a bite to eat. Coincidently we even ran into our old friend Claire, who we hadn’t seen in years.

When you walk through the door, the smell of vinegar hits your nostrils and makes you feel warm from the inside out. The pan-fried dumplings are crispy, the wontons are delicate and there’s a fine balance of textures. There’s as much love that goes into the wrappers as the fillings in this place. The menu isn’t huge, but the varieties they do have taste like heaven.

This place serves the best dumplings I’ve eaten since I started this blog. It’s also reasonably priced. If you can, go now.


What can I say – we walked through the door – they asked if we had a booking – I said no – they laughed. HuTong is possibly the most famous dumpling house in Melbourne. Is it a wonder we couldn’t get in on a Sunday morning? Can’t blame a girl for trying.

Two dumplings, one being picked up by chopsticks

Having a bite at the Shark Fin Inn.

Shark Fin Inn

After being the joke of HuTong, we gave the Shark Fin Inn a go. Their yum cha isn’t bad. It’s actually better than anything we can get here in Canberra, but it’s no Shanghai Street!

Bonus tip

If you’re a cheese fan – and we certainly are – make sure you head to the La Latteria mozzarella factory when you’re next in Melbourne. Before jumping back into the car and heading home, we filled the esky with $60+ of fresh cheese and learnt a few stretching tips for making our own mozzarella. Well worth the visit!


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