Croquettes on a plate

Though not what I was hoping to order, these ox tail croquettes were delicious.

The lack of posts on this blog has not been due to lack of trying, but rather because of an unfortunate lack of dumplings.

I recently spent two and a half weeks away from home, leaving cold Canberra for sunny Spain. The holiday was a treat. The warm sunshine provided the perfect contrast to cold mojitos, with a backdrop of exquisitely detailed Moorish architecture. My only complaint? No dumplings.

The closest I came to a dumpling was in Córdoba, a city in Andalucia dating back to ancient times. Here my travel group visited a small gourmet tapas bar. The region is known for its delicious ox tail specialities and here on the menu were ox tail dumplings! Imagine my excitement. So I worked up the courage to order them, a delicacy I’d never tried before. I was feeling adventurous. I was ready!

“No”, said the waiter. They were not serving dumplings that day. I had to settle for ox tail croquettes. Which, fortunately, were still delicious.

At least I had worked out that in this menu translation, they had ’emapanadillas’ as Spanish for ‘dumplings’. Yet, despite being on the look out for empanadillas for the remainder of the trip, none appeared on the menus I could see.

I did, however, become something of a croquette connoisseur. The range I ate included combinations of Spanish ham, bacon, cheese, chicken and more. It wasn’t an entire loss. Plus, if you’re liberal with your definition of dumpling, these crumbed and fried mash potato treats might even count on your dumpling list. They’re definitely a tasty tapas option.


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