A packet of dumplingsThis weekend I picked up some frozen cheese and potato ‘Eurogi’ dumplings from the organics shop at Belconnen Markets. They cost almost $14, so I was hoping they’d be good.

The dumplings were reasonably easy to prepare. As directed, I boiled them in water then fried them with butter and onion.

Here’s what we thought…

Jas: So, what’s the verdict?

Dan: Strange.

Jas: Is that all?

Dan: At this point, give me a second, fark … They’re quite peppery aren’t they?

Jas: There’s something kinda curry about them.

Dan: Hmmmm.

Jas: I think they’re alright. Probably not worth $14 though, I reckon.


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  1. alice says:

    The beef ones are much nicer than the cheese ones, and you got ripped off for $14. I think they are bout $6 at the IGA in Kingston.

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