I’m back in Canberra this week after Sydney Writers’ Festival adventures. What I noticed while I was there, is that Sydney certainly takes its dumplings seriously.

People making dumplings

The dumpling bar

Food court dumplings

Westfield Sydney has a glamourous new food court with so many lights and mirrors it makes me feel like a moth. I spied some dumplings being made from scratch and they looked tasty and fresh. But with a price tag of ‘9.8’ just for four siu mai, I wasn’t prepared to fork out. Sydneysiders, however, must have both the money and appreciation for such a food outlet to exist.

Gyoza in a take away container

Tasty takeaway gyoza!

Takeaway dumplings

I indulged in some greasy gyoza one night as I sauntered back to the hotel. The dumplings were from Makanai, a food joint that smells amazing. It has an impressive array of different Japanese foods in the window for takeaway or a sushi bar for dine in.

Cafe dumplings

Dumplings and olives

Little dumplings

I also took a trip to The Rocks Cafe, not far from where the festival was being held. I ordered a starter of black olives and potato dumplings roasted with garlic and rosemary. They were adorable little dumplings, but are best shared, as there are LOTS of olives! There was some debate at the table as to whether they would fit within the typical definition of dumpling as they’re so tiny.


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  1. BennyMayhem says:

    lol @ ‘9.8’ 🙂

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