Pfanni Klosse imageAs it gets colder and colder, my dumpling cravings grow larger and larger. Earlier in the week I tore into a packet of ‘Pfanni’, which is essential dumpling powder – just add water!

The powdery packet contents made some surprisingly ok potato dumplings, although it may be a crime to say so. After all, reconstituted potato of any kind is just a little wrong.

I’m looking forward to exploring the world of German dumplings in more depth. Here’s an insight into a recent line of querying…

Pfanni dumplings in goulash

Jas: Important dumpling question – what’s the difference between Knoedel and Kloesse?

Liz Y: According to German Wikipedia (disappointingly still called Wikipedia), Knoedel and Kloesse are the same, but Kloesse is the north/west German word and Knoedel is the south German/Austrian word.

Jas: Do you know what half and half dumplings are?

Liz Y: Seems that half and half dumplings are potato dumplings that are made from half raw and half cooked potatoes.

Here are the links:

Thanks to Liz Y for lending her German-speaking expertise!

Now it’s time to start asking the really important questions. Like why anyone would make dumplings from potatoes that are  half raw and half cooked! Stay tuned…


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