Packaging from cherry vareniki

What got me out of bed this morning was the thought of sour cherry vareniki. Russian dessert dumplings. For breakfast. One of the benefits of being an adult is that you can eat whatever you want for breakfast, no matter how indulgent!

The filling of these dumplings is just beautiful. As you can see, oozing red cherries – just sweet enough. What I can’t seem to get over is the heavy pastry. It’s a little doughy and seems too heavy for the filling.

I recommend trying these dumplings warm with freshly cooked, steaming hot, chocolate custard. Perhaps not very traditional, but definitely very tasty. The sweetness balances the sour cherries. The vareniki didn’t work so well cool with yoghurt and cinnamon – I think it made them all too sour.

A cherry vareniki dumpling, cut to show oozing cherry centre

I grabbed these dumplings from the deli at Belconnen markets, but it seems this brand – Pelmeni Pasta Pockets – is available around Australia.

Here are some cherry vareniki recipes that I hope to try making in the near future:


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  1. noblecaboose says:

    I tried the vareniki you left in my fridge with different toppings as per our discussion: Honey, blueberry maple syrups, and a third option I’d forgotten about, Hershey’s Chocolate syrup.

    Out of those three, the chocolate syrup was the clear winner, with honey following close behind and blueberry maple taking third.
    The maple flavour overpowered the cherries and it made the whole thing just too much for me. The chocolate really brought out the tartness of the cherry and made it kind of like a tart Cherry Ripe. The honey added just enough sweetness to make it really yummy while letting the flavour of the fruit shine through.

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