I headed to ‘Wok in a box’ with Mike yesterday; we were lured in by a lunch voucher. We decided to take our first shot at a joint dumpling review on their ‘money bags’. Six for $3.95. Bargain! But were they any good?…

Fried dumplings

Mike: Do they technically even qualify as dumplings? They’re not bread.

Jas: No, but there’s no bread involved in a bunch of Asian dumplings.

Mike: How do you define bread then? I suppose the money bags could be dumplings. Do they just have to be small and round in some way?

Jas: Yes. Sort of. Wikipedia says they have to be cooked balls of dough.

Mike: In that case they’re dumplings. They’re very tasty. They serve the purpose. They’re very pragmatic. Very practical.

Jas: At least they’re crunchy on the outside and squishy in the middle.

As always with money bags, I was mostly disappointed by the lack of money in them.

After that rather average review (and I’m referring to the quality of the reviewers as well as the dumplings) I’d better find out more about meaningful dumpling critique!


I’ve never made money bags before, but here are some recipes I plan to try:


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  1. Here’s the best dumpling definition I’ve seen so far: “A dumpling is a portion of dough, batter, or starchy plant fare, solid or filled, that is cooked through wet heat, and is not a strand or ribbon.” Quoting Wai Hon Chu and Connie Lovatt’s iBook ‘The Dumpling: a seasonal guide’.

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