So The Plan is simple really: make more dumplings.

I grew up having yum cha every Sunday and from there my love of dumplings grew. I discovered rather recently that there are more than those you’ll find in a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.

There are many cultures around the world that love a tasty dumpling, from Turkish to Lithuanian, Korean to South African. There are foods I love, such as gnocchi and spaetzle, that I didn’t even realise were classified as dumplings. Dumplings are simply cooked balls of dough – yum!

Anyway, with The Plan in mind, I hit the shops this afternoon. In the fridge, not far from the fresh pasta, were the type of dumpling wrappers that I’d usually thoughtlessly buy. Today, I took a closer look. There was Gow Gee Pastry and Shanghai Wonton Skins.

What’s the difference? Tomorrow might be the time to find out …

Gow Gee Pastry vs Shanghai Dumpling Skins


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